Friday, October 10, 2008


OK, so I'm a closeted cook, which means I can appreciate a good appliance almost as much as a cam or accessory for my F650GS. Consequently, I was thrilled when Jascha presented me with a Zojirushi, the Cadillac of rice cookers. I had been battling with my stylish, but functionally challenged, Krups stainless rice cooker all summer to make the perfect sticky rice, compounded by the fact I was living at 4600 ft. I think Jascha heard me mutter under my breath, "What do the Germans know about cooking rice? I need to break down and buy a J cooker."

The Zoji actually has settings for different types of rice, including rice porridge, brown rice, and sticky rice. The sticky rice came out perfect on the first try. I also tried out the timer setting and woke up to the odor of freshly prepared congee.

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