Friday, May 9, 2008

homage to l.a.

L.A. often gets an undeservingly bad rap. Being a former long-time Oakland/Berkeley resident I am guilty of being a one time L.A. hater, but a year plus of immersion helped me see the light. In honor of L.A. & vicinity here is my best of list (warning: heavy Los Feliz/E Hollywood slant):

  • Echo Cliffs | Yes, I realize that technically it's closer to the Stepford community of Westlake Village than L.A., but you'd be hardpressed to find this quality & quantity of climbing as close to the E Bay.
  • San Gabriels | miles of kickass singletrack that is mostly legal for MTBs
  • Other amazing climbing areas within 4h of L.A. include Red Rocks, J-tree, Tahquitz, and my favorite playground, the High Sierra.
  • Alcove | Euro cafe with great outdoor seating and amazing desserts
  • Cafe Tropical | popovers!
  • Chosun Galbee | slightly upscale Korean with interesting modern architecture and excellent bibimbap, the standard by which I judge all K restaurants
  • Cedar House | another great Middle Eastern place; combo plates highly recommended
  • Hollywood Farmers Market | great place to spend a lazy Sunday morning and pick up some phenomenal produce and flowers
  • Jitlada | great southern Thai food with unfortunately somewhat inconsistent service
  • Kyushu Ramen | J comfort food, and yes, I like it better than Daikokuya
  • Pollo a la Brasa | easily overlooked shack run by Japanese Peruvians with succulent anticuchos and aji
  • Red Corner Asia | my favorite of the late night Thai restaurants, mostly b/c they have sticky rice
  • Taco Zone Truck | mouth watering carnitas tacos for something like $1.25
  • Village Gourmet (Vermont location) | The Petit Basque cheese is phenomenal. Helpful, non-snobby staff
  • Zankou Chicken (Sunset x Normandie location) | For me it's the shish kabob that's the draw, not the chicken

  • Das Bunker | Best industrial club around
  • Dresden Room | Check out open mike night on Tuesdays hosted by local fixtures Marty & Elaine.
  • White Horse | I'm not a big drinker, but I like the White Horse - great staff and a plethora of snacks just like grandma used to serve.

  • Pho Siam Thai Spa | Kathy and Lynn at Pho Siam have kept my TFL tendinitis in check as well as the Boulder Rolfers
  • Dr. Frances Wang (acupuncturist; 4924 Hollywood Blvd, 323.913.0247) | Definitely one of the most competent and caring doctors I have met
Frivolous Stuff
  • Faroh Hair Design | as previously noted in my blog
  • Goodwill on Vine | best of the Hollywood Goodwills
  • L.A. Flower Market | If you dig through the hoards of Phalaenopsis and Gladiolus there are hidden treasures to be found, like Brassia and Sarracenia.
  • Wacko | my library and pop/folk art collection on steroids

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