Monday, February 25, 2008

wtf bmw?

Of course I managed to total my F650GS the year after BMW stops making it. WTF are they thinking? The F800GS will be out sometime in the fall (rumor is Nov not the advertised Sep release date), but even with the lowered chassis model it's 6cm taller than the 650. I'm above average in height for women, and I like having my feet flat on the ground for riding off-road. That pretty much rules out the 800. Given the short supply of F650s and high resale I know that it's a popular bike, so why would BMW knock out most of the female/smaller male enduro market? Too bad I can't let go of that stylish German design.


owens valley tomatohead said...

Oh Darlin'!
Sucky news!

David said...

What a way to get your bike in black!!!

m0to said...

There are some tricks to riding a little taller bike :-)