Tuesday, February 5, 2008

the inevitable

Well, as I've said before, it will happen sooner or later. I was hit from behind this morning on 101 on the way to work. The SUV in front of me stopped abruptly and I headed left to split the lane to avoid getting hit from behind, but still got clipped by the van in back of me. It took a fair amount of swearing to get the van driver to back up so I could unpin my bike and my leg. The van driver & passengers stood around and watched while another motorcyclist helped lift the bike off my leg. Thank you, whoever you are.

Fortunately, I landed on my left hip (not the one that just underwent $35K worth of surgery), and I walked away covered in oil, but virtually unscathed (as far as I can tell in my adrenaline altered/slightly concussive state) save some bumps and bruises. I have my side case mount to thank for
saving my leg. The mount lifted the bike an extra few inches of the ground. Casualties include one oil-soaked down jacket, 1 oil reservoir, 1 top case mount, 1 side case mount, 1 fender, 1 set of handlebars, 2 turn signals, and 1 fairing. Still surveying the damage to my oil-soaked riding gear and helmet.

Will this detour me from getting back on my bike in the near future? Right...


David said...

Glad you are a toughie and walked away from this one. See you on the mountain my friend. =)

owens valley tomatohead said...

Darlin, you are still in this mortal coil and that's all that matters.

Of course this won't stop you from riding with the dummies.

Bless the bits and pieces that saved you and bless not landing on your fancy operated side.

Go Noriko, Go!