Thursday, August 14, 2008

july synopsis

Due to t-storms and weeks of lingering symptoms following an intestinal bug, July was a fairly unproductive month alpinewise. Jascha and I tried twice to recon the first part of the Evolution Traverse (getting as far as the base of Peak 13,360), but nausea, dizziness, and fatigue didn't seem like a good combo for a technical ridge traverse.

On the upside I got my clutch slave cylinder installed (the stupid part took 4 weeks to arrive) and thanks to Jascha and his dad (via phone) we successful bled the hydraulic line. We also had a fun trip to San Francisco for the Mechanicrawl, which provided me the opportunity to reunite with some Bay Area favorites like Matt Davis/Steep Ravine trails on Mt Tam and Suppenkuche. I also dropped 9 lbs and am back to what I weighed in my mid-20s sport climbing prime.

I continued to (feebly) boulder and hike to keep from totally losing my conditioning, but I was starting to get frustrated as I was missing targets in my self-imposed alpine climbing schedule. Jascha somehow managed to maintain infinite patience with me for which I am grateful.

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