Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I was recently introduced to the world of ball jointed dolls (BJDs) in a recent LA Weekly write-up on Artmaze, a Korean-based company that produces a line of ultra realistic, ultra creepy BJDs called Elfdolls. Not surprisingly collectors include many fans of anime and cosplay. Den of Angels, one of the BJD forums hosts 9000+ active members on its forum. There is a thriving cottage industry in BJD photography, clothing, and something called faceups (the painstaking hand application of facial coloring). This isn't exactly a kids hobby, as larger dolls (55-60 cm in height) retail for $500+. BJD aficianados stage elaborate scenes with their dolls, like deaths, weddings, and yaoi encounters, granted with the latter it's a bit difficult to tell sometimes with the prevalent androgynous J-rock theme going. Personally, I'd find it a bit disconcerting to have dolls this realistic staring at me in my house, but to each its own.

Note: I was kindly corrected by the owner of The Lost Boys blog, which I had previously referenced for death scenes. The dolls appearing in his blog are Living Dead Dolls and not considered BJDs.


deVice said...

I saw you put my blog on one of your links (deaths). Thanks!
I think you've confused the Living Dead Dolls with BJDs. Are not the same wrist. The LDD are plastic and much cheaper XD. Although there are some image of my other dolls of resin, these are not dead.
A greeting!

My English is very bad, sorry :D

nn said...

Thanks for the correction.